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Okay, here’s the thing. I see Christmas pretty much as a tie to stress out (family issues. Rawr.) and decorate. The last bit is possibly the only reason why I like it at ALL anymore, actually.

But Mum refuses to put our tree up. At all. And I don’t have space for the family tree in my room, so I can’t put it up in here (plus, seriously, who wants to work out if red or green goes at the bottom?) and the only tree I’ve found downtown that I liked was a, $50 and b, still too big.

So I’m trying to work out a handmade version, but I’m honestly stumped. Does anyone have any ideas? Preferably ones I can move away from my cats reach? I wouldn’t mind something I could get away with making ornaments for all year… It’s soothing.

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Steph still felt like crap, but her wordcount was slowly and surely getting better! :D :eek:

Still need to catch up on today’s wc as I spent a great deal of the day asleep and having quiet dreams about not much at all, well that and roleplaying over at tdr. I swear that place is like crack and it’s not even proper rping. Well at the very least it is not what I would call proper roleplaying, which to me is third person, past tense and several paragraphs of dialogue and action, among other things.

Also I was just watching True Blood and I sort of love Godric. I can has? :nyaw:

Off to make some pizza, if I can get the kittens off me. Then writing.

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