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Okay, here’s the thing. I see Christmas pretty much as a tie to stress out (family issues. Rawr.) and decorate. The last bit is possibly the only reason why I like it at ALL anymore, actually.

But Mum refuses to put our tree up. At all. And I don’t have space for the family tree in my room, so I can’t put it up in here (plus, seriously, who wants to work out if red or green goes at the bottom?) and the only tree I’ve found downtown that I liked was a, $50 and b, still too big.

So I’m trying to work out a handmade version, but I’m honestly stumped. Does anyone have any ideas? Preferably ones I can move away from my cats reach? I wouldn’t mind something I could get away with making ornaments for all year… It’s soothing.

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Which makes me happy to stupidly ridiculous levels. Beause there were a few years when we never spoke and I rang him about a month ago and we talked and now he’s rung back. :D

But I have a small problem. I want to make him something for Christmas (that I can mail, he lives in Queensland) and I don’t know what to make. And he says he’s colour blind, which sort of makes my normally colourful things sort of moot. Any ideas? He likes red.

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And not the seasonal sort, thank you kindly. Though there’s plenty of it to go up soon enough.

I have managed to find my self bunches of sort of awesome fabric at St. Vinnie’s today, including a large sheet size piece of fabric with ornate pots, watering cans, seats, urns and the like on it. I’ve never seen anything quite like it and I think it’s polyester, I’ll take a photo and see if anyone knows what it is tomorrow.

I also managed to get a fully in tact mosquito net style med canopy today, it’s lacy, sort of awesome, only cost me five dollars and saves me having to make one from scratch for the moment… but just one small thing. Does anyone know how to put screws in really tough ceilings? :flail:

I’m going to go try and work this out now. And possibly make some fabric butterflies. Or something. Maybe ravens.

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