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In honour of it being still far enough from Christmas/the holidays to get some American’s knickers in a knot about people going on about Christmas before annual Turkey Sacrifice Day. In honour of sleeping in and nearly missing my post. In honour of finally finishing this ridiculous felt tree I’ve been making (pics tomorrow)…

What’s your favourite holiday song/Christmas Carol?

I think mine would be Happy Xmas (War is Over).

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So all this talk of Christmas is a, making me mildly nauseas and b, making me want to craft. Given that I am Pagan and in Australia, it’s really closer to Midsummer than it’ll ever be to Yule when Christmas comes around, so I have sort of bi-polar holiday decorating sprees. My mind sort of goes like this: Midsummer! Suns, war, flowers, fey! Christmas, Winter, snowflakes, snowmen, tinsel!

Despite the very obvious fact that I have never seen a white Christmas outside of movies and pictures.

And if I live here all my days, I probably never will see one. So the winter theme is marvellously ironic. Whoo! (Who else sees the hilarity in singing “White Christmas” in Australia, in December, in 30+°C heat?)

Anyway, as most of my family is probably likely to look at me like a loon if I try to explain to them why Midsummer would be a more fitting holiday (some Catholics have no sense of humour) and I make most of my holiday ornaments, I propose a compromise. Which no one but me will suspect. Make Christmas/Midsummer ornaments! XD Sunny themes amongst the wintery ones.

Does anyone else make their own ornaments? Would anyone be interested in seeing what I come up with/tutorials I find helpful?

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