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In continuing of my ability to fail NaNoWriMo, after shopping in Parkes with Mum and my Aunt today I feel so tired I could die a little and only wrote about 100 or so words but I have an except from Chapter One for you guys to enjoy (please bear in mind it hasn’t been edited/revised):

Their moment of distraction, of care cost them though and Uthers large, calloused hands closed around the pale flesh of Morgana’s throat. She clawed at his hands in surprise, forgetting to use her magic. He had been speaking to them and they had been deaf to his words. He growled an inch away from his step-daughters face. ‘If I did not love your mother I would have exterminated you years ago before you grew up to rival the whore of Babylon herself, the Priests are right, you are nothing but power hungry, devil worshipping scum that…’

‘Me, Uther? Me? what evil deeds have I done? Helped the sick, healed the injured, helped with the other Priestesses to raise the crops when the Gods you swore to honour and betrayed instead thought your Kingdom should suffer for your folly, I have given you every chance possible to redeem yourself, to help your Kingdom. But you do not listen to me because you hate me like you hated my Father for having something you wanted but didn’t have. Except you will not gain anything if you kill me, just a flock of happy Christian Priests who know no better than to hate me and those like me. Who will surely urge you to do it again and again and in turn betray what it is their God supposedly stands for. Because I have power that you will never, ever be allowed to hold in any true way. What do you have? Merlin? Me? There is so much more. I have never been your enemy, even though I have hated you! I am not Mercia and I am not the Saxons, both pose more threat to the Kingdom than any of my kind, including me!’ her angry words chocked out around his grip on her throat sparked and urged on his urge for physical violence, to hurt her in some way and without thinking it through  he shoved her back against the wall in as Nicca watched horrified and too stunned to do anything, as Uther undoubtedly saw the magic swirling in her eyes – a danger he could not divert from himself if he let her get far enough to use it.

I’m going to keep trying with NaNoWriMo, but it’s about time I start making Christmas Gifts, too. Which is slightly more important to my sanity.

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