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I’m sure many of my friends think I’m varying degrees of insane when I talk in general, but especially when I start talking about writing, about characters. If only for the simple fact that I reference them like they’re real people, or say things like: ‘Mia believes that…’, ‘Angelica says..’, ‘You’re being stupid, you know. Even Mia agrees.’

To me it makes sense, the characters are in my head, it’s not like I hear actual voices, but they are their own beings, with distinct personalities, quirks and likes and dislikes, just the same. I suppose it’s my personality displaying many of it’s different aspects in a way in which my character orientated self will understand and pay attention too. However, while I may think for my characters, I don’t necessarily agree with them. Take, for example Angelicas morality – all in all she’s a pretty good person, shes fairly kind, doesn’t mind helping, will in fact help without being asked. But she will also kill, without reason other than ‘it needs to be done’. She doesn’t do it out of any misplaced religious or racial sentiments. Not out of any family feuding, hatred or revenge. She knows it’s wrong, but she is still willing to kill.

One could argue that it was because of her beast, her lioness. Except, lionesses general kill for food or protection – not just because they were ordered too. Six years ago, when she was 20, she might have been appalled that she could kill someone just because she was told too. Today she barely thinks about it.

I don’t understand really how she just shrugs it off, but she does. That and hopes the police never find the bodies.

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