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I’ve been meaning to update here again, but I’m sure by now everyone is used to that but I’ll take this opportunity to share some of what has been going on in the past little while.

First of all there was the towns annual show during September, I mentioned this last year a d to confess, it really wasn’t that much different to last year (a fact I’m sure no one who lives in a small town is surprised by) though I had a bit more fun. I need to process the photos and the fireworks video to show you.

The one thing I did find immensely disappointing was the lack of airbrush tattoo stall – there is usually one there and I wanted a fake tattoo. XD

Not so surprising that the one thing that I wanted wasn’t there.

Then there was the Ben Hall festival at the beginning of October, an effort from the local council to attract more tourist dollars by utilising the bushranger love that seems to surround the country areas of this nation. It seems to have worked, though. There were certainly more than enough people in town and we are doing it again next year if how they were talking is any indication. Though the news did lie about the frequency of people dressing up. They said that most were and in actuality I would be surprised if there were more than twenty-four or so. Most of them dressed in vaguely the right silhouette for the period (1860’s) and were otherwise completely wrong. Colours, fabrics, too upper crust English society for a small gold town back then. Add to that that the whites were sparkling white and it makes me wonder if people realise how dirty things used to be.

I did like the horse shoeing stall where they were showing how horse shoes are made in the forge. There was a nice man there who let me keep a miniature horse shoe that was on the table just because I was admiring it.

There were also two “shoot outs” in the streets, playing out two possible scenarios in which Ben Hall could have died (there are several versions of the story). Both were alright, though the first was much more awesome than the second (I could be biased as the second one nearly made me choke on gun powder).

Now is the matter of NaNoWriMo, which unless there are bad problems between now and then I intend on doing it. It’ll be my fourth year, though I’ve never won yet I remain hopeful. And I found a quote in chat that describes NaNoWriMo rather well, in my opinion:

curiosity: It’s hard being so fucked up and so full of awesome at the same time but we Wrimos do our best.

Might be doing NaNoBloMo too. Going to decide by this afternoon.

P.S. This is written on my new iPod touch, thanks Nan!

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