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In honour of it being still far enough from Christmas/the holidays to get some American’s knickers in a knot about people going on about Christmas before annual Turkey Sacrifice Day. In honour of sleeping in and nearly missing my post. In honour of finally finishing this ridiculous felt tree I’ve been making (pics tomorrow)…

What’s your favourite holiday song/Christmas Carol?

I think mine would be Happy Xmas (War is Over).

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It’s a good day when one goes swimming for an hour or a two. My new swimmers are wonderful, though if I stand near the vents in the pool my top sort of blows up to make my boobs look bigger. Not sure if this is a good thing or not. :lmao: I clearly didn’t manage to drown or swallow so much pool water as to get chlorine poisoning, though. XD

On the slightly less physically exhausting front, the vampire I’ve been playing with (Katie Dee) becomes clearer and clearer to me the more I play her, though she is confused just a little at her reactions to some of the humans that I have been exposing to her (via the lovely The Dressing Room) and despite some mild concerns about her going hungry, I don’t think that’s going to become an issue, as she has found a willing victim (normally she wouldn’t care about someone’s willingness, but tdr is special and most people never get hurt there, which is what blood loss would be considered) in Fred. A slightly warped version of Fred Weasley.

I sort of feel bad for letting her bite him. The poor doll. But he likes it, so. Er. I’m excused? :evil:

She rather likes him, actually, which surprised me as Katie isn’t big on the interpersonal relationships that areĀ  bigger in scale than acquaintances. She keeps to herself most of the time, even though she can appear to be quite sociable it’s only to give people a false sense of security or to keep them from bugging her too much. Figures she’d pickĀ  someone submissive to like, though. If she can’t have someone who’ll keep her safe, she can know at least that while she plays with him she’s more than safe.

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Extremely counter productive. Especially when I keep getting sick. Woe.

On the plus side, I’ve started working on small parts of peoples Christmas presents, and I watched the Scream Awards, which are possibly the most awesome awards show, ever. I’ve also been working on expanding a few of my characters and verses, not just the one related to NaNo.

I’m considering making magnets (marble and a few other types) maybe custom stationary/stamps, lavender sachets for drawers, nice little things as I’m making most if it by hand and a lot of people in my family keep telling me they have too much stuff. Maybe decorated candle holders? I don’t know. Ugh.

I hope everyone’s going strong! :hug: :hkiss:

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