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Ah yes, I’ve been gone for quite a while. At least, from posting here. Things are just hectic and exhausting and…. it goes on. And my blog is now two years old! Fancy that. I don’t know where to start on where I’ve been or what’s been happening…

How about we try for a list of somewhat major goings on?

  • I turned nineteen waaay back in January. I’m half way through the year now, though, so I’m almost twenty. Good lord. :unbelievable: o_O
  • One of my cats had to be put down because she was having seizures.
  • I have an iPod Touch, which while not especially news, is awesome! (even if apple are market controlling idiots.)
  • The Government is actually giving me a semi-decent paycheck every fortnight for looking after Mum, the house, and Lily. (Mum had two minor strokes, for those out of the loop. So she needs help, I’m her carer. The government gives (somewhat crappy) pay to those who fulfill these roles.
  • We have a new dog. Her name is Galinda. Yes. Like from Wicked/The Wizard of Oz. And she came named that way. A lot of animals around here are getting named after witches, recently.
  • I hate American companies who won’t sell me the things I want. DO YOU HEAR ME, SONY? BARNES AND NOBLE I’M TALKING TO YOU TOO. Or that will sell to me, but charge way more than the exchange rate difference.
  • My computer died, taking with it virtually two-three years of art, writing and photography. A week or so before I was getting a new back up drive (the old one went a bit dodgy). Fuck you too, fate. (side note – anyone who has any of my writing/photos/whatever. Sendies, please? I’d love you forever. :D)
  • I started a new RPG, on my new domain name. The game is floundering a little, especially since the great computer crash of 2010, but I’m going to try to put more effort into it (and things like blogging, since I forget to tweet. Whoops.) It’s called Unearthly Tales and is a freeform (i.e. everyone can make up storylines, not just the staff), Multi-Genre, Multi-Game forum based rpg. If that sounds complicated, it’s really not. The basic gist is that you can have “small” (i.e. not needing a lot of players) or even private (games for only a few members/a game that is invite only to new members) games, within the most appropriate genre board, or you can play in a “large” game that has a main board as well as various sub-boards, sub-sub boards and etc. These games can even have their own theme set, as the software I use allows me to set a theme for any select board that’s different to the main theme. And it has the benefit of being part of a (hopefully someday) larger community.
  • I really, really, really want an eInk Reader device. It’s like star trek in real life. So AWESOME. And yes, I did like ST way, way, WAY before the reboot. So ner. :pissed:  Silly youngin’s. I wanted a Nook, and while I could give one of my American friends the money to get me one and send it on… I think I’ll get something that’s more customizable and directly available to me to purchase myself. Even if not now (I need a few thousand for a new laptop. Sigh.) A.S.A.P. I’d really love a pocketbook 360, though. MobileRead is feeding my obsession.

..Uh there was probably more, but that’s the best I can think of for the moment. Anyone have any good cheap/free ebooks suggestions, by the way? And I’ll try to be around more!

Oh also, on Siren Tides the comments are disabled for the moment as I am getting spammed an absurd amount, and for some reason akismet isn’t just kicking them to the spam file but I promise I’m trying to work it out, and for those few who care, they will be back A.S.A.P.

Nevermind, apparently it got disabled somehow O_o

Oh and… anyone happen to have any good ideas on how to raise money for a new laptop? I know, saving, but at the rate food costs that’s going to be a century or two before I have my own laptop again (the old one really tanked) and thus can actually do things. I’m borrowing a computer for the moment, but obviously that can only go on for so long.

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So, NaNoWriMo started today, and I added myself to the NaNoBloMo blogroll, too. So that means one blog post and at minimum 1667 words every day, all month.

I know. I’m insane. But, hey. I’m not doing too bad. I’m at 2,105 words for the moment in my WriMo effort, most of which was written last night after midnight struck (and after confusing Sammy, she forgot I’m in Australia, apparently! XD ) To all the other WriMos looking at this, good luck and GET TOO IT! Like me, I’m probably going to add some more words soon.

But first, I didn’t explain what it is my NaNoWriMo novel is about, I don’t think.

It’s set around the same sort of idea as The Buried Moon was, that is, it is set in Arthurian Britain with an alternate universe type of Premise, and this time it is a, not an rpg and b, set mostly from the POV of the common folk and outsiders, though the more I write into it the more I realise there will be the occasional chapter from the traditionally main characters POV (such as Arthur or Morgana, Knights, etc). It starts three months before the Death of Uther Pendragon and the return of Arthur.It’s sort of a braided novel, like stories woven together into one hopefully cohesive piece and showing several aspects of the Camelot in the story and it’s people, royalty included.

Oh I also believe I promised someone this, it’s a little clip of me singing (badly) it’s an MP4,  I believe:

Memo – Singing

Kind of wish I could add this to my word count. Ha. Anyway, tomorrow loves! (also, this is post #70. Whoo!)

P.S. I may or may not have set Morgana on fire. In the first chapter. Oh Goddess, I’m mean to her! D:

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