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And not the seasonal sort, thank you kindly. Though there’s plenty of it to go up soon enough.

I have managed to find my self bunches of sort of awesome fabric at St. Vinnie’s today, including a large sheet size piece of fabric with ornate pots, watering cans, seats, urns and the like on it. I’ve never seen anything quite like it and I think it’s polyester, I’ll take a photo and see if anyone knows what it is tomorrow.

I also managed to get a fully in tact mosquito net style med canopy today, it’s lacy, sort of awesome, only cost me five dollars and saves me having to make one from scratch for the moment… but just one small thing. Does anyone know how to put screws in really tough ceilings? :flail:

I’m going to go try and work this out now. And possibly make some fabric butterflies. Or something. Maybe ravens.

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In continuing of my ability to fail NaNoWriMo, after shopping in Parkes with Mum and my Aunt today I feel so tired I could die a little and only wrote about 100 or so words but I have an except from Chapter One for you guys to enjoy (please bear in mind it hasn’t been edited/revised):

Their moment of distraction, of care cost them though and Uthers large, calloused hands closed around the pale flesh of Morgana’s throat. She clawed at his hands in surprise, forgetting to use her magic. He had been speaking to them and they had been deaf to his words. He growled an inch away from his step-daughters face. ‘If I did not love your mother I would have exterminated you years ago before you grew up to rival the whore of Babylon herself, the Priests are right, you are nothing but power hungry, devil worshipping scum that…’

‘Me, Uther? Me? what evil deeds have I done? Helped the sick, healed the injured, helped with the other Priestesses to raise the crops when the Gods you swore to honour and betrayed instead thought your Kingdom should suffer for your folly, I have given you every chance possible to redeem yourself, to help your Kingdom. But you do not listen to me because you hate me like you hated my Father for having something you wanted but didn’t have. Except you will not gain anything if you kill me, just a flock of happy Christian Priests who know no better than to hate me and those like me. Who will surely urge you to do it again and again and in turn betray what it is their God supposedly stands for. Because I have power that you will never, ever be allowed to hold in any true way. What do you have? Merlin? Me? There is so much more. I have never been your enemy, even though I have hated you! I am not Mercia and I am not the Saxons, both pose more threat to the Kingdom than any of my kind, including me!’ her angry words chocked out around his grip on her throat sparked and urged on his urge for physical violence, to hurt her in some way and without thinking it through  he shoved her back against the wall in as Nicca watched horrified and too stunned to do anything, as Uther undoubtedly saw the magic swirling in her eyes – a danger he could not divert from himself if he let her get far enough to use it.

I’m going to keep trying with NaNoWriMo, but it’s about time I start making Christmas Gifts, too. Which is slightly more important to my sanity.

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Well I actually didn’t write any NaNo since I felt so awful last night and today that I went to bed and hardly wanted to move. Sickness isn’t conductive to NaNoing, as it turns out. And tomorrow I’m going shopping for swimmers in the next town. :/ I can eat a bit now, though. Which is more than I can say for this morning :/

I confess, though, I did a little light rping today… though not light in subject matter, my modern incarnation of BBC’s Morgana (from the show Merlin) was having a few issues with keeping her emotions in check because she doesn’t want to upset Merlin or especially Arthur… so she goes and has a little fight with Merlin anyway. Honestly, sometimes I think her emotions are so tied up that she can’t even begin to understand them… She’s left for her parents house for a night. She’s gotten pissed off at herself for being pissed off… oh how logic fails.

<3 Going now. Try to write something before early bed. (for me.)

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Steph still felt like crap, but her wordcount was slowly and surely getting better! :D :eek:

Still need to catch up on today’s wc as I spent a great deal of the day asleep and having quiet dreams about not much at all, well that and roleplaying over at tdr. I swear that place is like crack and it’s not even proper rping. Well at the very least it is not what I would call proper roleplaying, which to me is third person, past tense and several paragraphs of dialogue and action, among other things.

Also I was just watching True Blood and I sort of love Godric. I can has? :nyaw:

Off to make some pizza, if I can get the kittens off me. Then writing.

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No, really. Also, feeling like someone has been pounding on you from the inside out so you don’t want to move? Sucks.

I need to get back to my floundering wordcount. How can I be doomed on day two? I don’t know, either. Plus side is I got cookie dough ice cream for when I hit the daily quota :D

Also, LJ peeps: I’ll try and comment more, but I can’t promise.

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So, NaNoWriMo started today, and I added myself to the NaNoBloMo blogroll, too. So that means one blog post and at minimum 1667 words every day, all month.

I know. I’m insane. But, hey. I’m not doing too bad. I’m at 2,105 words for the moment in my WriMo effort, most of which was written last night after midnight struck (and after confusing Sammy, she forgot I’m in Australia, apparently! XD ) To all the other WriMos looking at this, good luck and GET TOO IT! Like me, I’m probably going to add some more words soon.

But first, I didn’t explain what it is my NaNoWriMo novel is about, I don’t think.

It’s set around the same sort of idea as The Buried Moon was, that is, it is set in Arthurian Britain with an alternate universe type of Premise, and this time it is a, not an rpg and b, set mostly from the POV of the common folk and outsiders, though the more I write into it the more I realise there will be the occasional chapter from the traditionally main characters POV (such as Arthur or Morgana, Knights, etc). It starts three months before the Death of Uther Pendragon and the return of Arthur.It’s sort of a braided novel, like stories woven together into one hopefully cohesive piece and showing several aspects of the Camelot in the story and it’s people, royalty included.

Oh I also believe I promised someone this, it’s a little clip of me singing (badly) it’s an MP4,  I believe:

Memo – Singing

Kind of wish I could add this to my word count. Ha. Anyway, tomorrow loves! (also, this is post #70. Whoo!)

P.S. I may or may not have set Morgana on fire. In the first chapter. Oh Goddess, I’m mean to her! D:

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When google starts sending you these:

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I’ve been meaning to update here again, but I’m sure by now everyone is used to that but I’ll take this opportunity to share some of what has been going on in the past little while.

First of all there was the towns annual show during September, I mentioned this last year a d to confess, it really wasn’t that much different to last year (a fact I’m sure no one who lives in a small town is surprised by) though I had a bit more fun. I need to process the photos and the fireworks video to show you.

The one thing I did find immensely disappointing was the lack of airbrush tattoo stall – there is usually one there and I wanted a fake tattoo. XD

Not so surprising that the one thing that I wanted wasn’t there.

Then there was the Ben Hall festival at the beginning of October, an effort from the local council to attract more tourist dollars by utilising the bushranger love that seems to surround the country areas of this nation. It seems to have worked, though. There were certainly more than enough people in town and we are doing it again next year if how they were talking is any indication. Though the news did lie about the frequency of people dressing up. They said that most were and in actuality I would be surprised if there were more than twenty-four or so. Most of them dressed in vaguely the right silhouette for the period (1860’s) and were otherwise completely wrong. Colours, fabrics, too upper crust English society for a small gold town back then. Add to that that the whites were sparkling white and it makes me wonder if people realise how dirty things used to be.

I did like the horse shoeing stall where they were showing how horse shoes are made in the forge. There was a nice man there who let me keep a miniature horse shoe that was on the table just because I was admiring it.

There were also two “shoot outs” in the streets, playing out two possible scenarios in which Ben Hall could have died (there are several versions of the story). Both were alright, though the first was much more awesome than the second (I could be biased as the second one nearly made me choke on gun powder).

Now is the matter of NaNoWriMo, which unless there are bad problems between now and then I intend on doing it. It’ll be my fourth year, though I’ve never won yet I remain hopeful. And I found a quote in chat that describes NaNoWriMo rather well, in my opinion:

curiosity: It’s hard being so fucked up and so full of awesome at the same time but we Wrimos do our best.

Might be doing NaNoBloMo too. Going to decide by this afternoon.

P.S. This is written on my new iPod touch, thanks Nan!

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Four years ago today, when I was fourteen I started my domain. It was…different to what it is now and I had no idea what wordpress was… but I did it. Simple PHP and html and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to make what was something that could become so dear to me. Most of the first layouts where horses. I didn’t even realise at the time that I had opened the site on Frodo and Bilbos birthday.

I certainly didn’t realise back then that four years later I’d be sitting here on a subdomain of my site, on my blog, and writing about it. Briefly, but still. I’m working on ideas for a redesign – I was going to roll it out today but I didn’t have time to get to it.

Thanks guys. I hope to be here in four more years.

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This is written for the [info]merlin_rarepair August challenge “kinks”. It is unbeta’d. I’ve never written this pairing before, I might never again. This was a bit of a…. walk in the darker places in my brain that I try to let alone most of the time. My muse wanted to write it, though… and as all writers know, we are our muses bitches.

Title: No ones listening.
Author: Steph P. (aniraangel on lj, nashira on ij & dw)
Pairing/Characters: Morgana/Uther, hints of Arthur/Morgana, Arthur, Merlin, Uther, Morgana
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: BDSM, blood play, orgasm denial, non-con, dub-con, sodomy, branding, knife play and a few other unsavoury explorations of human nature.
Spoilers: Probably all of season one.
Disclaimer: Not mine, etc.
Word Count: 5,185.

( Whats the point in all this screaming? )

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It was the anniversary of the Battle of Long Tan today. That was a battle in the Vietnamese war fought between the Australians and the Viet Cong, approximately 108 Australian soldiers (most of which where National Service Men) to approximately 2,500 – 3,500 VC.

We won, at a cost of 18 dead and many more injured. And today we remember them. Today I remember them, because they very well could have been my grandfather. He was in the same Regiment as D Company was. I think he was only a few miles away in Nui Dat.

Standing at Attention

These were taken today at the service in which we remember not only the fallen, not only those of The Battle of Long Tan, but all those who served in Vietnam.

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I know some of you are my loving stalkers friends. And while spamming [ profile] raivyn_ is entertaining, I was wondering if anyone else would be interested in me sharing the links to various rping shennenigans I get up to around the webs. The public ones, of course. For example, threads in [ profile] thedressingroom that my (various and sometimes many) characters are involved in?

For example, my Morgana v. Daleck. (Possibly cold medicine induced)

eta: yes, Bella and Morgana in the comments are me. Please don't fret, it's a combination of being sick, bored, and on medicine. Other characters may also appear.
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My offer on the previous post is still active, these are the responses for the (measly two) prompts I’ve gotten thus far. You can do better, people! Razz
eta: AWESOME. LJ cut plugin works and cross posts right!

Title: Good Impressions
Rating: G
Word Count:239
Author: Steph Payne of Hidden Nights (aniraangel on lj, nashira on ij and dw)
Warnings/Spoilers: None that I can think of.
Notes/Disclaimer: Don’t own the characters etc, don’t sue. All copywritten materials belong to JKR and her publishers. ETC. Enjoy!

Sirius and Remus have just discovered that James hasn’t told them that Lily has agreed to date him, his reason “I’m trying to make a good impression, you aren’t exactly the most…” For Ty.

( What the Hell? )

Title: The Green Fairy
Rating: PG-13 for almost sexin’ of the non-explicit variety
Word Count: 618
Author: Steph Payne of Hidden Nights (aniraangel on lj, nashira on ij and dw)
Warnings/Spoilers: Not much, unless you didn’t know Dumbledore was gay. Oh well, now you do. Carry on!
Notes/Disclaimer: As I’ve never written these characters before, I’m rather sure it’s not wildly epic, but I do hope you enjoy it sweety. I also do not own the characters/places etc of J.K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter” works, though I would totally be down with it if JKR ever wants to trade. Wink

Green Fairy, Albus Dumbledore/Gellert Grindelwald. For Jacky ([info]raivyn_)

( Boys Never Learnt )

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I've been informed I'm in trouble for leaving LJ. Still. Two years later. :P

So, would ya'll like me to try to be around more or should I continue to hide? XD I can cross post here if you want, but if you don't I won't. I still love you guys, really!
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I know he's already elected - I didn't really mention my preference on any of my blogs(well, not that I remember...), but I was rooting for Obama. I know some people (including a dear friend of mine) feel a little... frightened about this. For various reasons - one of the things people keep picking on is the fact he's charming. The only way we can tell if he's going to live up to his words is by letting him be president.

This video, however - even in my completely Australian life I find.. both comforting and inspiring. Lately I've been thinking of America like Australia's big bully of a cousin who had a very psycosis issues. I still kind of do, really. But I have hope. Americans can do it, even if they need a little nudging.

Yes, we can. Is a much needed message. Freedom and Prosperity for all.

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I’m sure many of my friends think I’m varying degrees of insane when I talk in general, but especially when I start talking about writing, about characters. If only for the simple fact that I reference them like they’re real people, or say things like: ‘Mia believes that…’, ‘Angelica says..’, ‘You’re being stupid, you know. Even Mia agrees.’

To me it makes sense, the characters are in my head, it’s not like I hear actual voices, but they are their own beings, with distinct personalities, quirks and likes and dislikes, just the same. I suppose it’s my personality displaying many of it’s different aspects in a way in which my character orientated self will understand and pay attention too. However, while I may think for my characters, I don’t necessarily agree with them. Take, for example Angelicas morality – all in all she’s a pretty good person, shes fairly kind, doesn’t mind helping, will in fact help without being asked. But she will also kill, without reason other than ‘it needs to be done’. She doesn’t do it out of any misplaced religious or racial sentiments. Not out of any family feuding, hatred or revenge. She knows it’s wrong, but she is still willing to kill.

One could argue that it was because of her beast, her lioness. Except, lionesses general kill for food or protection – not just because they were ordered too. Six years ago, when she was 20, she might have been appalled that she could kill someone just because she was told too. Today she barely thinks about it.

I don’t understand really how she just shrugs it off, but she does. That and hopes the police never find the bodies.

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(art by Heather of ACCIO!brain)
This is the journal of one Stephanie Payne,
also known as Aniraangel, Nashira,
Classact and many other names. I'm an amateur artist, writer,
graphic designer among many other things and enjoy many
forms of art. I'm seventeen, a pagan witch.
I ramble a lot, sometimes I like my soapbox a bit
too much, as a teenager might, but I do mean well and usually step
off it after I cool down. I live in Australia, love animals, am
a wee bit mental, roleplay and I could go on
and on, but this is just you know. Basics.

Oh and also, my mind tends to be a little disturbing sometimes
I may post things that are odd, but thats my life.
The weird, the wacky and the weirder.

Harry Potter
Lord of the Rings
King Arthur
The L Word
Law & Order
Anita Blake
Meredith Gentry
The Dead Zone
Stargate SG-1/Atlantis
Star Trek
The 4400
The Tudors
There are others, but it'd be a loooong list ;)
Ask if I missed something you want to know, comment if you want to be friends and play nice!

Brightest Blessings!
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'It's very quiet in here.'

'Yes, I suppose it is, but it won't be for long.'

'Why? Is the carnival coming to town or something?'

'No, not really. It's nothing like that.'

'Then what? It's like a ghost town here, it's empty, void. Even of memories.'

'Just wait, they're all going to come back. You'll see.'

Intriguing memories is a prompt based multiverse roleplay game.
We accept both original characters and non and are based on an InvisionFree forum.
(Please note, Roleplaying forums are added as needed, so just as if you want one made.)

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